Tri Harder Reliability Ride

A great morning was had at the Tri Harder reliability ride. We set off at 7:15am from the Sandboy, Maciej and I wondered how our legs would hold up to 90 miles after not riding all winter. Luckily we had a Carl and Kersten to share the wind with (cheers guys). We rode a nice steadypace watching the skies for the forecasted rain which didn’t appear.
After a quick coffee at the Tri-harder shop and signing on we were joined by Ali. We let all the other riders get a head start before the chase started. It wasn’t long before we past a few groups and picked up a nice guy on a fixie who was a bit lost, before stopping to take a few photos.
Once back at the shop we did our best to eat all the cake, but the guys there know cyclists too well and had lots of supplies.On the way home, the miles were showing on our (well mostly my) legs and any incline slowed the group. A great ride with great club mates.

Photography by Maciej, the rambling of a mad man Pete.

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  1. Phillip Seaman

    Well done guys. Brill write up. How did the weather men get it so wrong

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