The Club TT’s are held on a Wednesday evening. There are eight competitions held with points awarded at each event.

These are Men’s Time Trial, Ladies’ Time Trial, Men’s Old School, Ladies’ Old School, Juniors, Handicap, and the 2-Up category. If you’ve never tried time trialling before, why not team up with a partner and give it a go?

If you are using aero equipment (aero bars, deep rim or disc wheels or an aero helmet), you must enter the Time Trial category. The Old School categories are for riders using traditional road bikes, although deep section rims, skinsuits and overshoes are permitted.  (no Tri-spoke or disc wheels allowed in ‘Old School’ Categories)

Juniors are those aged under 18 on 1st January.
Points awarded are 14 for 1st place, 12 for 2nd, 10 for 3rd, 8 for 4th, 6 for 5th, 5 for 6th, 4 for 7th, 3 for 8th, 2 for 9th and 1 point for 10th place.
Best 15 events counted including circuits and club evening 25s.

Junior riders can also score points in the relevant adult category. To be eligible you must be first claim to King’s Lynn Cycling Club.

Trophies will be awarded at our presentation in December. The KLCC also operates a “loyalty bonus”. For every four Wednesday evenings you race, you can claim a fifth one FREE! This applies to KLCC members and non-members alike. Please be sure to remind the TT secretary at registration when you are entitled to your free entries.

All the Events can be found on the Events page.

Entry fees are:

Adult KLCC members – £4 Adult
Non KLCC members – £6
Juniors – FREE

Results for the 2019 racing events will show up here once the race has been completed.

KLCC CLUB 10 mile time trial 03/04/2019

 NAMEFinish TimeLTTLOSMTTMOSJunior2-UPHandicap HANDICAP ref timePreviousNEW
1Jamie Sparrow23.10xJamie Sparrow23.10
2Jonathan Kidman23.11xJonathan Kidman23.11
3Matt Allan25.32Matt Allan25.32
4Trevor Marshall28.20xTrevor Marshall28.20
5Nicky Brown28.37xNicky Brown28.37
6James Sutton28.43xJames Sutton28.43
7Simon Hardy29.59xSimon Hardy29.59
8Jemma Redhead31.40Jemma Redhead31.40
9Tye Rugg33.40xxTye Rugg33.40
10Peter Barber34.44xPeter Barber34.44
12Ellie & Alec Marshall35.06xxEllie & Alec Marshall35.06
13Stefans Sprawling36.04Stefans Sprawling36.04
14Denese Hallaman36.13Denese Hallaman4.00

KLCC CLUB 10 mile time trial 10/04/2019

 NAMEFinish TimeLTTLOSMTTMOSJunior2-UPHandicap HANDICAP ref timePreviousNEW
1Jamie Sparrow22.33xAndre Delgado29.49
2Jorge Vieira22.53Daniel Guppy26.31
3Jonathan Kidman23.01xDavid Hicks31.39
4Jack Watts26.00xxDenese Hallaman36.1336.13
5Sarah Senderski26.20Ellie & Alec Marshall35.0635.06
6Frank Burniston26.20Frank Burniston26.20
7Daniel Guppy26.31xJack watts26.00
8James Sutton28.03x0.40James Sutton28.4328.03
9Wayne Marks28.08Jamie Sparrow23.1022.33
10Trevor Marshall28.33x0.13Jemma Redhead31.4031.22
11Kris Goldsmith28.53xJonathan Kidman23.1123.01
12Robert Florance29.11xJorge Vieira22.53
13Andre Delgado29.49Kris Goldsmith28.53
14Simon Hardy30.08x0.09Matt Allan25.3225.32
15Jemma Redhead31.22Nicky Brown28.3728.37
16David Hicks31.39Peter Barber34.4434.44
17Peter Barber35.34x0.90Robert Florance29.11
18Sam May40.03xSam May40.03
19Sarsh Senderski26.20
20Simon Hardy29.5929.59
21Stefans Sprawling36.0436.04
22Trevor Marshall28.2028.20
23Tye Rugg33.4033.40
24Wayne Marks28.08

KLCC CLUB 10 mile time trial 17/04/2019

 NAMEFinish TimeLTTLOSMTTMOSJunior2-UPHandicap HANDICAP ref timePreviousNEW
18Jamie Sparrow22.2814
14David Webster25.1414
7Ken Roesner25.2812
15Paul Furness25.33
6Kay Burgess26.00
17Jack Watts26.071214
13Nicky Brown27.0314
5Kris Goldsmith27.1010
10James sutton27.378
9Jemma Redhead28.04
16Shelly Walduck28.4112
11Simon Hardy28.446
8Stefan Sprawling33.46
2Denese Hallahan34.35
12Sam May37.1510
1Tony Pym-Hember42.475

KLCC CLUB 10 mile time trial 24/04/2019

Jamie Sparrow22.1014.00
Matt Webster22.59
Frank Burniston25.39
Kay Burgess25.57
Simon Hardy26.0414.00
Kris Goldsmith26.3612.00
Nicky Brown27.1714.00
Trevor Marshall27.4010.00
James Sutton27.518.00
Jemma Redhead28.07
Stefan Sprawling32.20
Peter Barber34.106.00
Sam May37.3912.00
Tony Pym-HemberDNS

KLCC CLUB 10 mile time trial 1/05/2019

NAMEFinish TimeLTTLOSMTTMOSJunior2-UPHandicap 
Matt Webster22.03
Jorge Vieira22.10
Jamie Sparrow22.26x
Niel Empson23.21
Simon Riches23.33x
Jon Talbot23.41
Andrew Jenkins24.20
Jack Watts24.37
Joe Empson24.53
Simon Hardy25.16x
Kay Burgess25.30
Mathyew Allen25.39
Sarah Senderski26.08
Nicky Brown26.29x
Trevor Marshall27.09x
Jemma Redhead27.41
Kris Goldsmith27.53
Ray Barnett29.01x
Stefan Sprawling31.44
Tye Rugg32.23xx
Sarah Hardy32.31x
Martin Gorden34.10
Alec & Ellie Marshall34.24xx
Denese Hallahan34.39
Tony Pym Hember40.58x
Florence Barnett28,48xx

KLCC CLUB 10 mile time trial 22/05/2019

 NAMEFinish TimeLTTLOSMTTMOSJunior2-UPHandicap 
1Daniel Bloy21.00
2Jamie Sparrow21.39140.314
3Matt Webster21.41
4Jorge Vieira21.46
5Niel Empson23.02
6Webber Forbes23.17
7Andrew Jenkins23.52
8Jack Watts23.59
9Ben Keeley24.42
10Kris goldsmith25.21141.156
11Simon Hardy25.22120.425
12James Sutton25.31102.0612
13Kay Burgess25.32
14Jemma Redhead26.10
15Trevor Marshall26.1581.258
16Nicky Brown26.18140.253
17Gavin Buffham27.3512
18David Hicks28.24
19Paul Johnson31.3210
20Sam May35.41121.3410
21Tony Pym-Hember39.2463.2314

KLCC CLUB 25 mile time trial 5/06/2019

NAMEFinish TimeLTTLOSMTTMOSJunior2-UPHandicap
1Ray Barnett33.40one lap 12 miles
2Florence Barnett36.44one lap 12 miles
3Jamie Sparrow55.5314
4Simon Riches57.5912
5John Manlow59.00
6Jack Watts59.53
7David Webster1.01.1810
8Simon Hardy1.03.4114
9Kris goldsmith1.04.028
10James Sutton1.04.436
11Jemma Redhead1.07.23
12Bethany Barnett1.08.57
13David Hicks1.14.055

KLCC CLUB 10 mile time trial 19/06/2019

 NAMEFinish TimeLTTLOSMTTMOSJunior2-UPHandicap
1Trevor Marshall26.12x
2Simon Hardy24.46x
3Simon Riches23.04x
4Jack Watts22.16x
5Jorge Vieira21.09

KLCC CLUB 11 mile time trial 26/06/2019 Grimston

 NAMEFinish TimeLTTLOSMTTMOSJunior2-UPHandicap
1Charlie Sopp27.34
2Jack Watts28.24
3Carl Mace30.38
4Kriss Goldsmith31.0214.00
5Simon Hardy31.1112.00
6Chris Sopp31.2210.00
7Jemma Redhead33.06
8Stefan Sprawlig41.25
9Pauline Sparrow42.4414.00

KLCC CLUB 11 mile time trial 03/07/2019 Grimston

 NAMEFinish TimeLTTLOSMTTMOSJunior2-UPHandicap
1Jack Watts27.12
2Mark Endersby28.51
3Kris Goldsmith30.55x
4Ian Kidman31.16x
5Simon Hardy31.16x
6Nicky Brown31.52x
7Trevor Marshall32.30x
8Ray Barnett32.41x
9Florence Barnett35.17xx
10Pauline Sparrow41.50x
11Gavin BuffhamDNFx

KLCC CLUB 11 mile time trial 10/07/2019 Grimston

 NAMEFinish TimeLTTLOSMTTMOSJunior2-UPHandicap
1Jamie Sparrow24.13x
2Jack Watts24.19
3Charlie Sopp24.36
4Simon Riches24.58x
5David Lloyd25.13
6Mathew Allen26.53
7Jack Bent27.15
8Kriss Goldsmith27.27x
9Chris Sopp27.41x
10Bethany Barnett28.22
11Ian Kidman28.51x
12Trevor Marshall29.08x
13Stefan Sprawling36.49

KLCC CLUB 10 mile time trial 17/07/2019

 NAMEFinish TimeLTTLOSMTTMOSJunior2-UPHandicap
1Daniel Bloy20.46
2Ben Keeley21.06
3Jamie Sparrow21.24x
4Jack Watts22.09
5Charlie Sopp22.20
6Simon Riches22.24x
7David Webster23.21x
8Mathew Allen24.06
9Kris Goldsmith24.33x
10James Sutton25.08x
11Trevor Marshal25.19x
12Simon Hardy25.22x
13Chris Sopp25.22x
14Nicky Brown25.36x
15Jemma Redhead26.00
16David Hicks27.49x
17Denese Hallahan31.17
18Paul Johnson31.18x
19Steffan Sprawling32.51
20Ming Lo33.46x
21Frederic Lo34.46xx

KLCC CLUB 10 mile time trial 24/07/2019

 NAMEFinish TimeLTTLOSMTTMOSJunior2-UPHandicap HANDICAP ref timePreviousNEW
2Matt Senter19.36
3Jorge Vieira20.44
4Daniel Bloy21.17
5Ben Keely21.51
6Charlie Sopp22.04
7Jack Watts22.07
8Jamie Sparrow22.21x
9David Webster23.26x
10Simon Hardy24.42x
11Chris Sopp24.58x
12Ray Barnett25.46x
13Jemma Redhead26.27
14Trevor Marshall26.33x
15Bethany Barnett27.41
16Alec Florence27.49
17Kamarla Lawson28.38x
18Ming Lo29.21x
19Carol Sopp29.41
20Denese Hallahan30.45
21Paul Johnson31.11x
22Steffan Sprawling32.02
23Alec & Ellie Marshall35.23xx
24Robert FlorenceDNFx
25Phillip LargeDNF

KLCC CLUB 10 mile time trial 31/07/2019

 NAMEFinish TimeLTTLOSMTTMOSJunior2-UPHandicap
1Daniel Bloy21.21
2M Webster21.39
3Jamie Sparrow21.46x
4Ben Keeley21.56
5Jack Watts22.41
6David Webster24.13x
7Trevor Marshall26.21x
8Paul Willis27.05
9Denese Hallahan32.37
10Stefan Sprawling34.25

KLCC CLUB 10 mile time trial 07/08/2019

 NAMEFinish TimeLTTLOSMTTMOSJunior2-UPHandicap
1Matt Webster21.32
2Jamie Sparrow21.39x
3Charlie Sopp22.13
4Ben Keeley22.16
5Jack Watts22.26
6Simon Riches22.59x
7David Webster23.08x
8Simon Hardy24.52x
9Chris Sopp25.23x
10Jemma Redhead25.55
11Ray Barnett26.12x
12Nicky Brown26.22x
13Trevor Marshall26.23x
14Florence Barnett28.19xx
15Carol Sopp30.05
16Denese Hallahan31.43
17Stefan Sprawling33.39