If you wish to place an order for Akuma club kit, please fill in an order form HERE and contact Wanda Simper 

Due to the relocation of Samuel Jacks, we have arranged for Double G Clothing to embroider our social wear range. Please contact them in person to place an order, the turnaround time is approximately 2 weeks from payment.

We will no longer be holding size samples as they have a large range on site for you to try on. The prices are the same or slightly less than Samuel Jacks e.g. ladies/men’s fleeces are just over £17.00, Zhoodies just over £16.00. ORDER FORM HERE

Obviously if you live nearer to Fakenham and would prefer to still use SJ’s, please go ahead.

Both companies have been asked not to put our KLCC logo on any colour other than Royal Blue (unless you are buying Hi-Viz items).