Current Coaches: David Webster, Paul Rugg, Martyn Harris and Mark Whitmore.

Go Ride Co-Ordinator: Julie Stephen
Go Ride Welfare Officer:
Heather Rugg

We meet at Lynnsport’s Athletics Track between 6pm and 7pm every Tuesday evening in term time. Come along for fun games and skills based coaching on bicycles. Bring your own bike and helmet or borrow one of ours (please get in touch to reserve in advance). For grass sessions, a bike with knobbly tyres is required. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates on session information.

There is no real minimum to the lower age, the important things are they ride their bike competently and unaided (without stabilisers), and can they listen to instructions for an hour long session.

Bear in mind though that sometimes we are riding on grass, and it could be cold and dark in the winter months. At present the children tend to be 7 and upwards.
The best option is to come along and see how your child gets on.

The cost is £ 4.00 a session, but it goes down to £ 3.00 if the child becomes a junior member of Kings Lynn Cycling Club (which costs £8.00 for the whole year)

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