KLCC are again holding a road race on 15th October. This is a fantastic opportunity to see up to 70 category 3 and 4 riders racing through the villages of Grimston, Gayton and Great Massingham!

60 mile race consisting of 4 laps around the villages of Grimston , Gayton and Gt Massingham

This event is part of the Eastern Road Race League, preference is given to ERRL members.

Selection is by the highest aggregate points from the current and last season by equal representation, based on the best rider from each ERRL club in turn then second rider etc. until field is full.  Organisers can accept entries from clubs outside the League in their reserve list only, unless they do not have a full field of ERRL Members at the closing date

Entry on the day will be available up to the maximum allowed on the permit.
Entrants are reminded they are not allowed to enter more than one event on the same day unless they are able to start and finish both events.  This is a BC and CTT Rule and anyone found to have done this will be reported to the governing body concerned.

Read more at British Cycling


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