It was regrettable that the time trial had to be cancelled due to poor light last week, and we are sorry for those of you who had a wasted journey. However, the decision was of course taken with safety in mind.

Whilst the evenings are getting lighter, overcast weather is again forecast for this Wednesday. Please check your rear light and put a new battery in if required. And Owen pointed out to me that a couple of people who came last week were wearing black. If the light is going to be borderline again, let’s have all riders in bright kit if possible. Obviously KLCC kit is perfect!

2 thoughts on “Let there be light!”

  1. Hi. I am putting this comment here because I can’t find any other way of contacting the Secretary. I was really disappointed this morning, Sunday April 9th 2017. I was out for a ride (25/30 mile ride riding my fixed gear) and towards the end of the ride, on the small roads near Brancaster (the road going from Burnham Mkt to Ringstead inland) I was met by a group of riders wearing what I’m pretty sure was your kit coming from Ringstead way, coming towards me. The first few riders were fine and I said hello as they went past. However midway in the group I was practically forced off the road by a rider who was third abreast chatting away to his mates. He saw me and made no attempt to give me any room. How can we expect respect from car drivers when we don’t even show consideration for other cyclists? I think this was your club and it is sad behaviour.

  2. Dear Richard

    Thank youf for your comment. It was passed to me last night by our website admin, also our TT Director and I have now seen your feedback above.

    Whilst I am sorry to hear this about riders you encountered yesterday, I want to reiterate that as a club we take responsible riding very seriously and actively promote this within the club. You probably noticed that there were lots of cyclists and groups from Norfolk and beyond out yesterday given it was such a gorgeous day. We will reiterate to our riders coming out to respect other cyclists, road users and of course respect the rules of the road.

    We hope you had a good rest of the ride and will join us for a social ride soon. They are every Sunday from Lynnsport/Bawsey – looking forward to meeting you.

    Chairman, KLCC

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