Yes, it’s time to dust off your disc wheels because the Wednesday evening club time trial 2017 season starts on 29th March. As your new time trial secretary I will do my best to make it run as smoothly as Simon and Sarah did, but I am new to it so please be a little patient with me! Just in case, I will be starting registration a little bit early on the first night, and will aim to be there for 5:45pm.

If you are able to help with the marshalling at any time during the season, that would of course be hugely appreciated.

Don’t forget, you must be a member of a CTT-affiliated club to take part, so if you haven’t yet sorted out your 2017 membership please do so.

And another little reminder: Tuesday 28th March is the deadline for entering our Open 25-mile TT at Fincham on Saturday 8th April. Go to to enter online.

So far the weather forecast for the first club 10 miler is looking good for the time of year. Hope to see you there!

Flo Thatcher

6 thoughts on “The time trials are back!”

  1. Hi Flo, i can marshall for you next Wednesday, it’s easier for me to go straight to Bexwell roundabout if ok with you ? Abby Marshall

  2. I’m hoping to get there, probably be late for registration, so could marshall for you. Could join Abby if you’re happy with that?

  3. Sorry, just found out that I need to be at home for 7pm to give Bilbo his medication……. Won’t be there this week 😢

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